Strongman Competition Livestream II

In the Fall of 2022, I produced a livestream on spec for the Iron Guild Gym. I did the pre-production and production on my own, as a one-man-band, so I could understand the workflow and requirements of producing this kind of event, and create a blueprint for future productions. Here are some key points, and if you’d like more details read this entry here.


Many people don’t realize that for every hour on location producing an event, there are maybe 40 hours of planning to make it go smoothly. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but not much! This event required a lot of pre-production:

  • graphics to announce each competition category (5 x Rules, description, etc.)
  • sponsorship branding for each category (5x)
  • sponsorship full screen slides (3x)
  • preview for what is upcoming graphics (5x)
  • live webpage (scoreboard) crop and insert into stream
  • buildouts in the TriCaster for each graphic element
  • buildouts in the TriCaster for digital Zoom and Pan motions
  • audio plan
  • camera placement plan
  • technical plan
  • sponsor messages (videos)

Here is a 60 second spot I produced to air during the stream:

If you want to see more, watch this 5 minute informational video about the program.

This production was a prototype. Scaling it up is easy. With a small crew (and some lighting) this event would have had a polished production value.

The 10 hour stream was glitchless on YouTube and recorded perfectly in camera and on the TriCaster.

In the following screengrab, please notice:

  • event branding (bug), upper left corner
  • production branding (bug), lower left corner
  • lower third graphic with sponsorship branding

Multiple camera angles to capture the action:

Moment of victory!

We created digital zooms and pans to add visual motion even though we didn’t have camera ops. Watch this run at 4 hours 8 minutes 49 seconds in to see:

Audio: We planted a mic near the competition stage, and took the feed from the Emcee.

This complex scoreboard was a webpage that we captured and fed straight into the stream:

Complex scoreboard live-streamed directly from the live website.

Here is a graphic plate describing an event:

This was the title graphic:

On this production we achieved these impressive things:

  • Load in and Set Up was only 6 hours.
  • Strike and Load Out was only 2 hours.

Here is the full livestream: