A Different Kind of Production: Corporate Conference

Since in freelance I’m not working directly for a client, I have to exercise a bit of discretion, but I think it is okay to share some of the basics of this production from the beginning of October. I think it is paramount to include that there was planning, planning, planning. I was involved in no fewer than three corporate meetings and one production-only meeting. And I was not a producer, rather technical directing a series of live-streams from the conference.  

Planning, Staging, Strike, Loadout

One day of load in, one day of setup, one day for tech rehearsals and finally on the fourth day the conference started. Following the two days of conference, there was one day to strike and load out. So, six day of production for two days of actual conference/production. 

In the main conference room, the show producer had designed a beautiful stage with a matrix of lighting rigged up on the ceiling. The presenters were given wireless mics, and had multiple teleprompters, a countdown clock, and in the back of the room, a large screen for cues.

There were three broadcast cameras – two with operators, one static. A station in the back allowed a technical director to cue the show, an audio engineer to mix the sound, and a lighting director to change the looks as require. 

One of the things the client wanted for their live-stream audiences, was to have a ‘feet on the ground reporter’ to cut to before and after some of the presentations, in order to give the viewers bonus insight since they wouldn’t be able to be there in person. We had a small backdrop and set up a faux studio in the hotel lobby where the reporter could elaborate on the presentations and do some interviews. Part of my responsibilities was to manage this small team of camera operator, assistant and the talent throughout the show.