September 2022 Tonehaus News

More than halfway through September, and our performing arts culture is back in full force! The new season is head spinning and packed! I’ve been compiling a list of performances and wanting to format it into a resource that can be checked daily, including timely interviews and featurettes. I’ve long felt Austin has a depth of unknown talent. Part of my idea is to shine a light on people who may not get the spotlight, bringing awareness and strengthening the community. If this is something in which you would be interested; please drop me a note and share your thoughts.  

We’ve been busy and recently produced our second batch of videos for Musical Discovery in as many years. I’ve known John for over a decade, so last year, when he asked me to create 20 videos for his website, I was thrilled! We did it again on Labor Day. We all had a lot of fun with this shoot, and I got to use some new toys. Using an automated slider on one of the cameras freed me up to grab handheld shots and behind the scenes. We were fortunate to have two of our top talent crew on this one: Max Lorenzen on audio and Christopher Morse on camera and lighting. 

After we shot about 20 selections, I spent a few minutes shooting John describe his program, followed by this testimonial. For years I’ve been aware of the power of video but ironically haven’t created any for myself. I did this both to help Tonehaus, but also to illustrate how easy and effective it is. Within just a few minutes of shooting, John’s testimonial provides 4 of the 5 elements required in marketing: social proof, likeability (a fun working atmosphere), consistency (hired again), and in the image and sound itself: production expertise. This one minute video also features footage from the final product and behind the scenes. 


Would a video like this help your brand? Let’s talk about it!

Second big piece of news is that I am thrilled to collaborate with my former powerlifting coach Stephen Moore, whose brand new gym Iron Guild is hosting its first Strongman Competition: The Gauntlet. On October 8, we will be there live-streaming with the TriCaster! I am looking forward to pulling the technology together with the creative side of things and being able to share this event around the world in real time. The possibilities moving forward are very exciting. We are also producing some content for sponsors of the event to broadcast during the meet, so that is putting all of our production skills to work.

If you read the summer news, you are aware of my latest obsession with the structure of stories. Speaking of obsessions: funding. I have been long intrigued by the topic of fundraising and sponsorship. How to get money & where it comes from, for both commercial and non profit endeavors. In June I met someone who is trained in this, and since then, I have developed some tools and concepts to provide clients. This can mean getting digital productions completely underwritten and sponsored, creating a feedback loops for success. I’ll have more of a perspective on this to share at the end of the season.Reach out for more info. 

Lastly, I will be extending a couple of special offers directly to past clients, so keep your eyes peeled!