January 2022

Happy New Year! We look to the future… with measured optimism. Beyond the challenging times we are in, we see new and untapped opportunities in our rapidly changing town. Here is another opportunity: SAVE HUGE during this month’s Flash Sale! Now through Saturday midnight: Spin the Wheel of Savings 🙂 ! This month’s sale is all about helping you get more digital content. Click the spinning wheel! Read on for more details.

Edit: January’s Flash Sale is over

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Sound and picture from functional to no-compromise, depending on you. January’s Flash Sale offerings:

  1. QuadRaven Audio Recording (2 hours)
  2. Podcast/Interview Audio Recording (2 hours)
  3. Live-stream Event (2 hours, 1 camera)
  4. Multi-Camera Event/Performance Recording (2 hours, 2 cameras)
  5. Video Production Session (2 hours, available light) 

QuadRaven Audio Recording 2 hours:

Our purpose designed 4 microphone array option, the QuadRaven, has received rave reviews from clients, and it accomplishes many goals:

1) single engineer can quickly set up, operate, break down and load out this kit with a single mic stand & cable

2) a stereo feed is created on the fly, using a sophisticated broadcast dynamics processor which invisibly contains very loud and very quiet content for easy listening on smartphone/tablets/livestreams

3) six timecode stamped tracks are recorded containing each microphone feed and the live mix for easy post workflow.

One half of the array captures the stage in a highly detailed, 3 dimensional sonic image. Headphone listening of this feed alone can be uncanny. The ambience and reverb of the room is captured by the other mics and mixed in. Each part of the QuadRaven system does a specific task extremely well, and each detail has been carefully considered in the system’s design, including for example, the composition and shielding method of the the microphone cable. To my surprise, all of this added up to the QuadRaven sounding far, far better than I ever imagined or intended. It is a no-brainer for an incredible sounding, easy capture. 

Timecode is standard on the QuadRaven.
The input section on the original QuadRaven.

The QuadRaven microphone array is low profile, yet the sound it delivers is immense.

Podcast/Interview – 2 hour audio recording session:

Capture audio in broadcast quality. 2 hour discussion between two people using wireless lavalier (clip on) microphones on the go (walking, etc.), table mounted mics, or boom mics. Get all the sound bites your marketing department needs, plan your session and get a year’s worth of stingers and bugs, or conduct an interview with a person of interest for a deep dive.  

Live-Stream 2 hours 1 camera:

Broadcast to live-stream using one of our professional Netflix approved cameras and our industry leading TriCaster machine to enhance and encode your event, performance or town hall. 

Multi-camera Event Recording – 2 hours 2 cameras:

Using this easy two camera setup, you will get a wide shot on Camera A so your viewers can see everything that is happening, and an abundance of interesting closeups on Camera B. With Tonehaus integrated sync and timecode, Stereo, QuadRaven or THOR8 multichannel audio recordings match up effortlessly for an accelerated post workflow.

Video Production Session – 2 hours using available light:

Capture film-like video imagery on the go or in a controlled setting using available light in a two hour session. Can be close-ups, slow motion, effects, or photographs. This is an inexpensive way to add a lot of raw material you can use for promotion, audience building or grant applications. Add a sound package if speech or sound is needed.