Happy Production, Happy Clients!

We are thrilled to share some behind the scenes and screengrabs from the first Tonehaus production using our very own cameras. This taping was for our longtime client and wonderful friends at Chorus Austin. After spending the better half of this performing arts season chasing down sync between drifting cameras, we chose to acquire a Netflix approved camera system which integrates sync and timecode. That means that in post-production, we can locate any microphone or camera by simply typing in the timecode. No more time spent chasing sync! That makes us SO happy and means we can spend more time being creative. That translates to higher quality production for clients. It is a dramatic reduction of post-production time so our happiness is also your accountant’s happiness!

Other than the ease and consistency of the workflow, the picture quality of these new cameras is stellar and all of the cameras can perfectly match looks – eliminating even more post production time we have been spending matching color between cameras. It is wonderful to be able to bring this value to the Austin performing arts community.