Tonehaus Announces Across-the-Board Limited Time Offer

As of Thursday, March 5th, 2020, Tonehaus is announcing 8 weeks of savings! Today through May 5th, you can finally get that amazing sounding recording you’ve always wanted (offer limited to certain dates), update your website with a high quality video or produce a grant seeking video that will make the right impression.

We have a remarkable situation happening at Tonehaus right now that is allowing us the ability to take on more work than usual, so we are paying it forward by allowing current and new clients to get projects done for half off. As of this writing, there are five weekend dates open, and six weekday dates to take on your project, be it a recording session, video production, or performance capture. On top of that, we are temporarily slashing our studio rate by 50% for any work done in this time frame, some restrictions apply, Inquire for more information, and see if your concert falls on one of these days!

This could be your cue to tackle that messy, and frankly, overwhelming media library. What good is a library if you can’t get what you need quickly to your fingertips? Or perhaps you have a personal project you need to wrap up – boxes of family photos and tapes?

Have you been sitting on a promotional video idea for your website for too long? Maybe this is the time to pull the trigger on that project.