Continuing Artist Agreements Explained

For individual artists who are actively creating content for their current fanbase and for expanding that, we have created the Continuing Artist program where you can take advantage of huge production costs savings in return for agreeing to a multi-month arrangement.

The arrangement is primarily based on a consistent fee paid on a recurring, monthly basis. Once in a contract, the fee goes toward any services used during that month and can include tracking, mixing, mastering, on-location recording, production package rental fees, photography, videography, video editing and post production. Basically everything that a contemporary artist needs to engage their audience and get the message out.

The best part of the Continuing Artist Agreement is that all of the production costs mentioned above are drastically slashed. Let me emphasize, drastically. I don’t know of any other way to get the Tonehaus level of quality for this umbrella of production services under one roof at any price, let alone with this kind of deal. As a serious artist, you are going to be investing a significant amount of money annually on your production, so why not save across the board with a bundle like the Tonehaus Continuing and get a steady flow of usable audio and video to have at your disposal and make one of the smartest investments in your career that you can.

Do you record on your own but want high end, polished mixes that sound like a million bucks? Or do you mostly need mastering to help get a consistent and optimized sound? Classical and jazz artists: from a stripped down stereo recording, to the amazing sounding QuadRaven (single mic stand kit), to our premium state of the art Swiss multichannel THOR8, THOR16, and THOR24 kit, we have the right tools to capture your music in a space, then do complex edits efficiently to submit to the label.

If you need mostly those things, but also maybe some natural light photography (or maybe studio sessions in the future), or some video capture, you could also roll those in. Or perhaps you need weekly or monthly videos curated for your fans and followers, advice on what technology to use, or maybe even rent a kit to use on your own. Do you want to do a cool looking and great sounding live-stream? These are all things that can fall under a Continuing Artist agreement.

To learn more about the program, please get in touch and we can draw up a few scenarios and let you decide what might work best for you!