Ongoing Programs with Tonehaus Increase Value

New to Tonehaus in 2020 is the introduction of partnership programs, which come in three forms. Since specific media needs change throughout the year, but the need for updated content is constant, why not make your production partner on-going and reap the benefits and value adds that allows?

Spend less time reviewing logistics and proposals, and more time getting your message out there and let consistent, high quality audio and visual media flow into your inbox throughout the year. Less scheduling and stress during the season. More time with media at your fingertips to use at your discretion. Your own personal high capacity cloud server free of charges/fees. Your media archived, indexed and easy to find. Consolidation and organization of your media library through the years. Lower production costs at the time of events. Annual budgeting made easy. Included promotional videos for each event throughout the season. Having a technology expert available to advise, train and consult throughout the year.

Other than building a relationship with us that will make your life easier when getting media together, you can also take advantage of these two big benefits: significant cost savings, and extras not available to one-off clients. The extras come in the following forms – technical help, advice and training of your staff, monthly education about the latest digital media technologies, and a monthly newsletter discussing the latest in technology tailored to performing arts.

To learn more about the various programs, please read Sponsorship Program Explained, Continuing Partner Explained, and Continuing Artist Agreements Explained.