Tonehaus Produces Recruitment Video for Texas Lutheran University

We are very happy to be working with a new client, Texas Lutheran University in Seguin. As a professional freelance violinist, I have played in the TLU performing arts center many, many times over the years with Mid-Texas Symphony, so it was exciting to get the call from TLU last Fall. We talked through the options, and decided to use the QuadRaven package for the audio recording and live mix, and add to it our in-house 3 camera package, sending one of the camera feeds to a private livestream. The excellent audio from the QuadRaven was fed digitally to our broadcast dynamics processor, then straight into the livestream feed.

With this arrangement the client had immediate access to the video with sonically superior audio – easily listenable on mobile devices or hi-fi systems alike, so they could evaluate the performance and decide which segments to focus on for post production.

After they had a chance to go through the livestream at their convenience, they submitted their notes as to what sections to focus on to dial in visually and sonically. The segments showcasing the best moments of each group were then assembled and graphics put together.

We are very impressed by all of the choirs and the wind symphony from TLU and encourage anyone considering music programs to consider TLU as an option! Auditions are right around the corner. Click here for more information. If you have any questions about the production process, or want to see how your organization could get great promotional material assembled from your archive or performances you will already be doing, please contact me and I will be happy to discuss options, workflow, budget and timeline!

You can see and hear the video by clicking below.

One of the TLU recruitment videos recently produced at Tonehaus.