Sponsorship Program explained

The Tonehaus Sponsorship Program premiered in the summer just before the 2018-2019 performing arts season, and it remains super popular with non-profit performing arts organizations. Originally, our idea was creating an avenue for bootstrap organizations to get access to awesome sounding recordings, with archival video as an add-on. If putting together a successful season of performances is the first step, then capturing and documenting comes next. It is digital media that allows us to share these moments beyond the walls of the concert hall. Thank goodness nothing will ever replace being in the same room as a performance, but we do live in the 21st century and digital media is our gateway and communicator. When the budget is tight, the Sponsorship Program puts the essentials in reach; when more resources are available, the program simply adds value to the endeavor. Thanks to the concept of services in-kind, we can give without being penalized, and you can reap the benefits. The key elements of the Sponsorship Program are 1) non-profit status 2) ability to plan for a season 3) contracting the plan.

Since then, we have matured our offerings to include more comprehensive options and sophisticated offerings. Perhaps organizational workflow is difficult and doing detailed planning is impossible due to lack of resources and time. For these situations, the Continuing Partner is the way to go. We will do the planning for you and keep in a manageable budget, while providing you with a consistent stream of ready to go, up to date media to send to the marketing department.

To find out more about the exciting technology we use and the digital media options, please peruse our News/Blogs/Vlogs. When you’re interested to learn more concrete details and how you can specifically benefit from a Sponsorship, Continuing Artist deal, or Continuing Partner, call to set up a meeting where we can show you individualized proposals so you can both nurture your organization and get your message out the world at large!