Photo Digitization

It is true, we inherited an ungodly amount of photos, slides, video tapes, cassettes, reel to reels, microcassettes, 8mm, Super8 and 16mm movies and boxes of ephemera. Going back to the late 1800s. A real treasure, and surprisingly, things that nobody else in the family had any interest in having. So, we’ve become something of experts in the field of digital archival, and have acquired some professional equipment to get these artifacts digitized.

I would like to share some curated galleries from the collection, and when the time comes, would like to offer archival services commercially, but right now isn’t the right time exactly. It is time consuming, and space consuming, two things in very short supply at the moment. I see the Tonehaus team expanding in the future and see no reason why we won’t be able to do this.

So here are some snapshots of ephemera; stay tuned, I will write more about this subject without doubt.