Continuing Partner explained

Continuing partner is the best value you can get at Tonehaus. As your digital media program becomes more sophisticated, you will soon discover that there are many layers of things that you are needing on a regular basis. With the Continuing Partner program, the Tonehaus team is at your side, helping you manage the archive, prepare promotional videos, curate images, video or sound clips ready for the marketing department. You have a technical advisor on your side, as we are staying on top of all of the latest developments in digital media, and can spend time with your members or volunteers, training them and getting them up to speed on understanding the workflows and logistics of production. You can feel confident that you are making smart decisions about managing your archive into the future.

Your media archive: is it a disaster? As Continuing Partner, we can devise a system to make it accessible and usable. We can spend some time on it every month to keep it up to date, and we can train your staff on best practice. Do you have photographs, slides, video tape, cassettes and reel to reels? We can get those digitized.

What about promoting your season to your subscribers and patrons? We can produce a stream of professional videos to take you through the season. This is an ongoing workflow that will really be happening every month of the year, and as a Continuing Partner we will manage the production and keep you on track.

And finally, your budgeting decision maker may be asking: why would we want to pay a “large monthly fee” for digital media? The answer is simple – digital media is a necessary expense for productivity and growth of the organization. Instead of continually running up against being ‘out of budget’, as a Continuing Partner, you can guarantee that you will be getting all of the necessary odds and ends taken care of. The budget will be manageable and predictable, you will be reaping the benefits of always available digital media for promotion, grant seeking, member morale, promotion, outreach and street cred. On top of that, Continuing Partners enjoy great discounts on the larger, planned productions such as album recording, concert taping, and live-streaming.