About Us

We are grateful to be able to work in production, and that our clients trust us capturing their performances to share with the world. It is fun, challenging and something of an artistic endeavor to capture music from the air and make it emerge from speakers and earbuds in a compelling way. Sound recording is something we’ve been interested in since day one, and more recently our dormant fascination with picture has awoken.

The very first record we engineered and produced was done not with stock gear alone, but enhanced with external specialty boxes to squeeze more performance out of it. This hasn’t really changed in over 20 years; we hand make our cables. We acquire key pieces of equipment that sounds the best, and yields the best picture. Our QuadRaven™ kit is kind of like a cocktail of some of the best gear of times of yore… well, digital yore. Our clients reap the benefits of this long standing obsession with sound. The core of our larger multitrack system, on the other hand, is a state of the art Swiss networked audio system. We were remote controlling out preamps on a Safari web browser before networked audio was a mainstream concept. Our recording software remains ahead of its time: I don’t think too many people are aware that we can actually edit and mix the recording WHILE it is happening.

Our in-house camera system for concert recording and live-streaming is also unique and innovative, giving us the option to offer 5 camera concert video taping at a FRACTION of normal production rates. The results are surprisingly good for this price point, making this a remarkable value. However, your organization may require a high end product, and we are happy to be able to have been able to make that available as well already, and hopefully much more of it looking into the future.

The Tonehaus team has been assembled over the years to include great main and assistant engineers, and this year we are happy to have a fantastic intern in the fold.

Our goal is to grow the team and be busy creating and curating digital media content for the vibrant classical and performing arts scene in Austin and digitally be bringing it to the international stage. We want to be busy every week of the year producing concert recordings, live-streams, broadcasts, albums, grant seeking videos, promotional videos and archival footage, keeping a full staff busy and doing are part to invigorate this musical community.