New Website

Well, designing and bringing a website to life has been a very difficult task for me. Back in the aughts, when apps were software, Apple’s iWeb allowed non-professionals to design and bring websites to life. I think it was the first Tonehaus website that was done on iWeb – or at least one of the early ones. I think we used that for a long long time, until I switched to WordPress some years ago. But learning how to use wordpress has been very elusive to me, and I’ve been unwilling, or unable to spend the time to really understand how it works well enough to put together a site I really like.

So, this week has been a bit of a breakthrough. I think I’ve figured out how to have an impressive and fun first impression on the website, and also how to incorporate a connected, yet separate way of writing notes, publish news and otherwise be able to offer content of interest for our clients.

Now I’m going to insert the only photo gallery into this post for fun.

And there you have it, a new blog post with a small bit of information that isn’t completely useless.